Legal and Financial Documents

The Trust Board of Directors, the body that oversees the running of The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust, meets at least once per term.

The Articles of Association, which defines the Trust’s constitution, makes provision for a board with a maximum of seven directors, of which a maximum of 25% are representatives of the Church of England. The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust Board of Directors currently consists of:

  • Chris Brislen – Chief Executive Officer
  • Johnny Anderson – Chair (Business)
  • Colin Hopkins – Lichfield Diocese
  • Gill Latos – Trustee (Education)
  • Melanie Simmonds – Trustee (Finance)
  • Robert Knight – Trustee (Community)
  • Tony Earl – Trustee (Legal)

Although each St. Bart’s Academy has its own Local Governing Board, all governor appointments are approved by the Board of Directors.

Details of the constitution and membership of Local Governing Bodies are available on member Academy websites.

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The Members of The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust have a different status from the Trustees/Directors. The members are the subscribers to the Trust’s Memorandum of Association, and any other individuals permitted to become members under its Articles of Association. Members have an overview of the governance arrangements of the Trust and have the power to appoint Trustees and remove these Trustees.

The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust Members currently consists of:

  • Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy Trust
  • Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education
  • Gillian Porter
  • Johnny Anderson
  • Claire Shaw
  • Glyn Lowe