Our Learning Journey Curriculum

At Park Hall Academy we believe that enjoyment and creativity is at the heart of our curriculum.

Each half term every year group changes its CLJ topic to engage children in interesting, exciting and creative learning. We also believe that the learning environments are important in stimulating children’s creativity and learning, therefore each classroom is changed half termly to represent the new topic and to act as a stimulus for children’s learning. The role play areas are designed to encourage and provide children the opportunity to let their imagination come to life; again these are regularly changed to relate to the CLJ topics.

Enrichment is also very important in our teaching and learning ethos, we believe it enables children to learn through hands on and real life experiences. Each class engages in either an educational visit or having visitors coming into class to support the topic, again bringing learning to life!

Our Learning Journey overview for this year can be found here:

Our values are at the heart of everything we do