Year 2 Math’s SAT’s Guide

Guide to SAT’s questions 2018 Miss Adam’s has provided a very informative guide to assist you in helping your pupils with math’s problems at home.

Children’s Safeguarding Board

The Be-Safe committee will now be known as the Children’s Safeguarding Board, as they are an integral part of the academy’s commitment to protecting all members of the Park Hall family.  They have been very busy this half term. See all of there work in this half terms newsletter.Safeguarding board letter 12.2.18

Safer Internet Day

      ‘Create, connect and share respect: A better Internet starts with you! The children have been very busy today engaging in ‘Safer Internet Day!’ activities in order to make the Internet a better place.  Children enjoyed using the emoji photo booths, ensuring that they removed any logos that identified them. This is to educate  […]

January is the Pit’s!

It’s great to be in the pit! That is what the children at Park Hall are learning all about.. They are learning to understand that when facing a new and difficult challenge you go into what is called, the pit. To get out of the learning pit you need to put in lots of […]

Being E-Safe At Christmas

If your child is getting a new phone or tablet for Xmas, you may wish to consider some monitoring software to keep a parental eye on what they’re doing. There are plenty available to download, some are free some you have to pay a small subscription. Click below to see an article explaining some of the […]