Playground Leaders

At Park Hall Academy we have a large team of enthusiastic Playground Leaders from Year 2 through to Year 6. Playground Leaders volunteer to play games, help children to find others to play with and generally try to make sure all children on the playground are happy and safe.

Being a Playground Leader is a very important role and so we all had to apply for the position in writing to the Principal, Mrs Frost. We have regular meetings with Mrs Frost and the Lunchtime Supervisors who oversee Playground Leaders. All Playground Leaders have also had training where we learned lots of different fun games we could lead on the playground to engage lots of children in active play.

We have baseball caps and a yellow bib to wear on the playground so that children and Lunchtime Supervisors know who we are and where to find us if they need us. We love making our playgrounds happy places for all our pupils.