Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is a source of funding allocated to schools based on the number of pupils who;

Have been entitled to FSM at any point during the previous 6 years who are still in the school
Pupils in Local Authority Care
Children of current armed services personnel
At Park Hall Academy we are always committed to using the resources made available to us to help achieve the best outcomes for all learners. The academy tracks attainment and progress of every child; where any child in the groups above is not meeting expectations, then the Pupil Premium Funding is used to provide additional learning opportunities to ensure that the pupils reach their academic potential. DFE guidelines state that the money is to be used for “the educational benefit of pupils registered at that school” – it doesn’t mean that there is any “entitlement” to the money for any one pupil.  The Principal and the Governors use available research to help them to decide how to allocate funding; this identifies which intervention / additional resources have the greatest impact.

Our key objective in using the Pupil Premium funding is to diminish the difference between pupil groups. Historically levels of attainment have been lower for FSM, this is also a national trend. Through targeted interventions we are working towards eliminating barriers to learning and progress that include:

• Application of basic English and Maths skills

• Reading comprehension skills

• Mathematical rapid recall of facts

• Opportunities to learn at greater depth

• Parental engagement with school – particularly regarding attendance and supporting learning at home

• Social and emotional needs which impact upon pupils’ ability to learn and develop resilience in our learners linked to our work on ‘Growth Mindsets’.

Our next pupil premium review will take place January 2020.