Year 6

CLJ topic: Monarchy Madness

Do you know who William the Conqueror was or how a King or Queen is crowned? Do you know who captured the images of our Monarchs? Which iconic Kings and Queens of England do you want to find out about? During this half term you will learn and teach your friends about this and more!

Step back in time and find out about what it was like to be a Kind or Queen of their time. What was it like to live in a castle without central heating and electricity? Where did the Kings or Queens live and what are they famous for doing during their life time?

Is it possible to trace the family tree of our current Queen to some of the famous Kings and Queens? Are they actually related? Well, by the end of this term you will be a river expert!

Explore a British castle in our marvellous research realm where you can discover the answers to your questions- what do you want to find out?
Use your Art and Design and Technology skills to create a model of a castle. How many realistic features can you include?

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