Year 3

CLJ topic: We will rock you!

Ugh! We will travel back in time and meet our ancestors in our new topic for Autumn Term 1. We are going to find out what life was like for real-life Flintstones, living in Ancient Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will become a caveman or woman in our role-play area and learn how prehistoric people lived and hunted using primitive tools. We are going to be decorating caves with paintings as we look at animals from this period of time including wolves, bears and the woolly rhinoceros! Finally we will investigate Stonehenge and hopefully create our own replica of this world famous monument out on the school fields! Our science learning links to our 'We Will Rock You topic' and is called Rocks and Soils. We will be investigating, comparing and grouping together different types of rocks, finding out how soil is formed and fossils are created.

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